BarMasters of Virginia Beach:


TWO WEEK COURSE - 9AM to 1PM Monday thru Friday - New Class Starts Every Monday

TWO WEEK COURSE - 6PM to 10PM Monday thru Friday - New Class Starts Every Monday

ACCELERATED ONE WEEK COURSE - 9AM to 5PM - Monday thru Friday - Classes begin on 1st Monday of the month

OFFICE HOURS - 10AM to 1PM and 6PM to 9PM Monday through Friday

*Our Morning and Evening classes curriculum mirror themselves.  We accommodate a variety of student schedules, please let us know if you need special accommodations due to work, children, daycare, transportation, or any other time restraints.

*We offer free bartending classes to prospective students every Monday at 9AM or 6PM. So feel free to call BarMasters to make an appointment for your free class today!!!

**We work with our students to ensure everybody who desires his/her bartending certification has ample opportunities to pursue it.

In our 40 hour course you are GUARANTEED to learn the following:

*How to properly mix, prepare, and serve over 300 Martinis, Cocktails, Shooters, Highballs, and Mixed Drink recipes.
*The correct and proper way to serve Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne, and Beers.
*Plenty of "tricks of the trade" to maximize your tip earning potential.
*Over 30 different flavors of cordials and how to mix drinks without a recipe based upon those flavors.
*Virginia ABC laws and regulations pertaining to serving alcohol.
*The best approach and how to land your first bartending job.
*How to handle and regulate "sticky" situations bartenders commonly experience.
*A brief history of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Irish Whiskey, American Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, and Scotch.
*Bartending equipment and basic bar set up.
*Unlimited job placement assistance after you successfully complete all school requirements!
*Much, much more from our Certified Mixologist instructors!!

Feeling Intimidated??  Don't worry! We have trained hundreds of bartenders in Hampton Roads every year since 1992 and we have barMASTERED the art of teaching bartending!!!!