Virginia Bartending School

About US

BarMasters Bartending School, est. 1992, trains bartenders with a focus on education, skills, and customer service. The curriculum covers mixology, service, organization, and awareness. Graduates excel in upscale bars, meeting high guest expectations. Upholding traditions while embracing the future, BarMasters instills professionalism. Attend for success in Hampton Roads.

Establishment and Vision

BarMasters Bartending School est. 1992 by Dennis and Linda McCloskey.
Created to train professional bartenders.
Vision: Provide education, skills, and customer service.
Blend pride in tradition with a demanding future.

Training and Education

Comprehensive programs for professional bartending.
Covers mixology, service, organization, and awareness.
Prepares graduates for today’s sophisticated guests.

Continuation of Pride and Tradition

Upholds founders’ pride and tradition.
Balances past traditions with industry evolution.
Instills professionalism and dedication.

Success in the Industry

Competitive industry in Hampton Roads.
School attendance crucial for success.
Equips graduates to excel in upscale bars.
Meets high expectations of educated guests.

In our 40 hour course you are GUARANTEED to learn the following

Mixology Masterclass
Dive into the art of mixology with our comprehensive guide, where our certified mixologist instructors reveal the secrets behind building, preparing, mixing, and serving over 300 tantalizing recipes. Whether you're a seasoned bartender or an aspiring cocktail enthusiast, this resource is your gateway to mastering the craft of mixology.
The Art of Serving
Elevate your service skills to new heights as you learn the correct and proper techniques for serving a variety of beverages. From the nuanced handling of red and white wines to the art of uncorking champagne bottles with finesse, this guide provides you with the knowledge and expertise to create unforgettable drinking experiences for your guests.
Tricks of the Trade
Unlock the secrets to boosting your tip earnings with our collection of invaluable tips and tricks. We'll share proven strategies that bartenders use to enhance customer satisfaction, increase sales, and leave a lasting impression. By implementing these insider techniques, you'll transform your bartending career into a lucrative endeavor.
Cordial Flavors Unveiled
Delve into the world of cordials and discover how they can elevate your drink creations to new heights. Our guide explores over 30 different cordial flavors and provides insights on how to incorporate them harmoniously into your beverages. Unleash your creativity and surprise your guests with delightful and flavorful concoctions.
Navigating Virginia ABC Laws
Stay informed and compliant with Virginia's ABC laws and regulations governing alcohol service. This comprehensive guide covers all the essential legal requirements, providing bartenders and hospitality professionals with the knowledge needed to ensure responsible alcohol service and maintain a safe environment for patrons.
From Dream to Reality
Take the first step towards your bartending career with our expert guidance on how to successfully secure your first job behind the bar. We'll equip you with valuable insights on crafting an impressive resume, acing interviews, and showcasing your skills to potential employers. Prepare yourself for a rewarding journey in the world of bartending.
Handling Sticky Situations
Equip yourself with the essential skills to navigate challenging situations commonly faced by bartenders. From managing unruly customers to defusing conflicts, our guide provides you with effective techniques and strategies to handle any sticky scenario with professionalism and tact.
Liquor through Time
Embark on a captivating exploration of the origins and evolution of various liquor types. Discover the rich history behind vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey, as we delve into their cultural significance, production methods, and the stories that have shaped their distinct identities.
The Alchemy of Alcohol
Unravel the mysteries of alcohol production and gain a comprehensive understanding of how your favorite spirits come to life. From fermentation to distillation, our guide demystifies the intricate processes behind the creation of various alcoholic beverages, providing you with a newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship involved.